Physician Assistant Salary in Georgia

A doctor or physician is someone whom we always go when we are having illnesses and just want to be checked up.  Physicians are the expert in finding the right treatment for our disease conditions. We can always find them in hospitals and private clinics. But what if there are too many patients who want to seek health services. How come one physician could give proper treatment or medication to different patients? That is where a physician assistant’s importance comes in. A physician assistant is just like a physician, almost. Physician assistants are able to diagnose and treat illnesses under the supervision of a licensed physician and surgeon. There are many people who are asking many questions about the salary of this job. Some individuals are confused about their wages salary since the work of a physician assistant is almost similar to the work of a doctor. Are their salaries the same? The salary of a physician assistant does differ from that of a physician. However, a physician assistant salary in Georgia is totally higher than those regular countries and even in some states. Its annual income will go for about $110,204 to $150,051. This is based on the survey during the year of 2008 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are many sites that would give out different views of the physician assistant salary in Georgia. The state’s physician assistants are with wages which are higher than the usual salary of an individual who is on this line of career. Typically, just like all other jobs, the salary that of a physician assistant is being affected by the location of the practice, employer, level of experience, and the schedule of the shift.  If a certain individual has been in the practice for years already, the time he or she applies for this job in a hospital, he or she will surely have higher wages than of fresh graduates and licensed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one of the factors that would determine mainly the salary of a certain physician assistant is how long he has been in the field. Even how well he does in his recent jobs does matter for his next application. Another factor is the distance of the PA’s place to the hospital. The location will vary accordingly because this is one of the laws implemented by Bureau of Labor Statistics. The said authority has based their wages accordingly to the factors. But the physician assistant salary in Georgia has never decreased because most of the physician assistants in Georgia are with expertise and have great educational background.

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